The following models were produced in the early 1980s by an English collector, Mr R Gillow, of Stockton-on-Tees and although I bought a few then, I thought they were long out of production.

Whilst working on these pages in mid-2006 I spoke to Mr Gillow and the models are, in fact, still available. Details can be obtained from Mr Gillow at 62 Bishopton Road, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, TS19 0AR, UK (I must point out that the prices given are the 1983 prices).

The list below is reproduced pretty much as originally issued in 1983, and contains the original descriptions. Where appropriate I have made a few comments in ITALICS. I do not guarantee that the list is complete. Please note that this document was compiled in June 2006.

Catalogue number Description Price at 1st August 1983
1 Japanese sub-chaser Type 13


1a Japanese sub-chaser Type 28 20p
2 German Minesweeper Type M35 30p
3 British 'Castle' class corvette


4 Ocean going salvage tug (Based on Minic 'Turmoil'?) 30p
5 British 'Lulworth' class sloop 42p
6 Japanese 'Asahio' class destroyer 55p
7 British 'County' class cruiser £2.50
8 Royal Thai Navy coast defence ship 'Ayuthia' 45p
9 Japanese 'Kagero' class destroyer 65p
10 Japanese 'Akitsuki' class destroyer 65p
11 Japanese 'Matsu' class destroyer 50p
12 Japanese 'Etorofu' class escort 40p
13 Japanese 'Kaibokan' Type D escort 35p
14 Japanese Cha 1 class sub-chaser 25p
15 Japanese Cha 4 type sub-chaser 25p
16 British 'Halicon' (sic) class minesweeper 42p
17 British 'Kingfisher' class sloop 35p
18 British 'Flower' class corvette 35p
19 British 'Leith' class sloop 45p
20 British 'Tribal' class destroyer 60p
21 British 'Bay' class frigate 45p
22 Armed Trawler 150' 25p
23 British 'Manxman' class high speed minelayer 75p
24 6,500 ton transport £1.20
25 US 'Gearing' class destroyer 65p
26 Italian 'Soldati' class destroyer 60p
27 Japanese 'Tomodzuru' class torpedo boat 40p
28 7,500 ton transport £1.20
29 Japanese 'Yuguno' class destroyer 85p
30 Two funnelled transport 'Isle of Skye' (Amended to 'Isle of Sark' - based on Minic hull?) 60p
31 Harbour Tug (Based on 'Minic' hull?) 25p
32 Whaler 25p
33 German M40 class minesweeper 30p
34 US 'Captain' class frigate 45p
35 British inshore minesweeper (Actually 'Ton' class coastal minesweeper) 25p
36a & 36b British 'Black Swan' class (or 'as modified') 47p
37 British 'Grey Goose' class steam gun boat 25p
38 British 'Bangor' class minesweeper 30p
39 British 'Hunt' class destroyer (Groups 1, 2, & 3) 45p
  British 'Hunt' class destroyer (Group 4) 47p
40 3,800 ton transport 50p
41 Japanese 'Kaikoban' Type C escort 35p
42 British 'A'-'G' class destroyer 50p
43 British 'H'-'I' class destroyer 50p
44 German 'Narvik' class destroyer 70p
45 German 'Lebrecht Maass' class destroyer 65p
46 British 'Algerine' class minesweeper 42p
47 Japanese 'Suikei 21' coastal sub-chaser 20p
48 US 'Allen M Summer' (sic) class destroyer 65p
49 US 'Fletcher' class destroyer 65p
50 Later Flotilla Leaders (sic) 65p
51 8,000 ton transport 70p
52 Japanese 'Momi' class destroyer 45p
53 British 'Coloney' (sic) class cruiser £2.40
54 British 'C' class cruiser (Types B & C) £1.60
55 Japanese Aircraft Carrier 'Kaiyo' £2.60
56 Japanese 'Okinishima' class minelayer 75p
57 Japanese 'Shimushu' class escort 43p
58 660 ton coaster 45p
59 Japanese 'Mogami' class heavy cruiser 2.60
60 British 'D' class cruiser £1.65
61 British 'Dido' class lt cruiser £1.70
62 British 'Improved Dido' class lt cruiser £1.70
63 American 'Brooklyn' class cruiser £2.50
64 American 'Baltimore' class heavy cruiser £3.00
65 10,000 ton oil tanker £1.20
66 British 'L' & 'M' destroyer 60p
67 British 'O' - 'Z' class destroyer 60p
68 British 'Modified M' class destroyer 60p
69 Italian 'Dardo' class destroyer 47p
70 British 'River' class frigate 45p
71 British ' Loch' class frigate 45p
72 British 'Shoreham' & 'Hastings' class sloop 42p
73 American 'South Dakota' class battleship £4.50
74 Japanese 'Nagato' class battleship £7.00
75 Japanese 'Fuso' class battleship £5.00
76 Japanese 'Kako' class cruiser £2.00
77 Japanese 'Cha 1' aux. sub-chaser 5p
78 Harbour oil tender (Two types - Japanese in style) 12p
79 100' MTB 10p
80 British 'Fairmiles' 10p
81 German 'E-Boat' 7p
82 Gaff rig yawl 20p
83 Japanese 'Hatsuhara' class destroyer 55p
  There was also a Japanese 'Myoko' class cruiser  
Z 1 Japanese I 16 class 30p
Z 2 US 'Gato' class 26p
Z 3 German type I & II U-boat 10p
Z 4 British 'O' class 15p
Z 5 British 'P' class 20p
Z 6 British 'R' class 20p
Z 7 German type VII a, b, & c U-boat 15p
Z 8 German type IX a, b, & c U-boat 15p
Z 9 German type XB U-boat 20p
Z 10 Italian 'Capelline' class 15p
Z 11 Italian 'Settenbrini' class 15p
Z 12 Japanese 'RO40' class 15p
Z 13 British 'Thames' class 20p
Z 14 British 'Porpoise' class 20p
Z 15 German type V11 d, f U-boat 15p
  More types to follow  
Z 16 Italian 'Bronzo' class 10p
Z 17 American 'R' class training sub 10p
Z 18 British 'S' class 15p
Z 19 British 'U' class second group 10p
Z 20 Jap I361 class (Type D.1) 20p