Owen Howard started to produce his range of 1/1200 scale ship models in the early 1990s, during a spell of unemployment. Having worked very hard to get established and a stock built up he found himself being offered 'regular' employment and decided to move back into more 'conventional' employment. The stock was eventually disposed of, and the models are no longer generally available. The models were all based on Len Jordan hulls, and were nicely finished. I spoke to Mr Howard recently (February, 2003) and, despite some recent health problems, he is 'hale & hearty', but he is not able to consider putting the models back into production - which is a great pity.

There were two series, listed below and as with others of these lists, the prices are as at time of issue of the original (August, 1982).


P1 Almeria Lykes Pedestal Convoy 1942 £23.00
P2 Brisbane Star Pedestal Convoy 1942 £25.00
P3 Clan Ferguson Pedestal Convoy 1942 £22.50
P4 Dorset Pedestal Convoy 1942 £24.00
P5 Deucalion Pedestal Convoy 1942 £22.50
P6 Empire Hope Pedestal Convoy 1942 £22.50
P7 Glenorchy Pedestal Convoy 1942 £22.00
P8 Melbourne Star Pedestal Convoy 1942 £25.00
P9 Ohio Pedestal Convoy 1942 £23.00
P10 Port Chalmers Pedestal Convoy 1942 £25.00
P11 Rochester Castle Pedestal Convoy 1942 £23.00
P12 Waimarama Pedestal Convoy 1942 £23.00
P13 Wairangi Pedestal Convoy 1942 £23.00
P14 Santa Elisa Pedestal Convoy 1942 **
P15 Ajax   £23.00
P16 Sydney Star   **
P17 Empire Darwin CAM Ship £25.00
P18 Empire Might   **
P19 Empire Lankaster   £22.50
P20 Fort Halkett   **
P21 Orari   **


N1 HMS Athene Aircraft Transport **
N2 HMS Aurania Armed Merchant Cruiser £25.00
N3 HMS Artifex Base Repair Ship £25.00
N4 HMS Alaunia Base Repair Ship £25.00
N5 HMS Alcantara Armed Merchant Cruiser £25.00
N6 HMS Agamemnon/Meneslthus (sic) Minelayer/Recreation Ships **
N8 HMS Blenheim (Destroyer Depot Ship) **
N9 HMS Bonaventure Depot ship for 'X' craft **
N10 HMS Engadine Aircraft Transport **
N11 HMS Glenroy Landing Craft Infantry (sic) £30.00
N12 HMS Hector Armed Merchant Cruiser £23.00
N13 HMS Lamont Landing Craft Infantry (sic) **
N14 KMS Hansa German Armed Merchant Cruiser (sic) **
N15 HMS Ranpura Armed Merchant Cruiser **
N16 HMS Ranpura Depot Ship (sic) **
N17 HMS Rapana Merchant Aircraft Carrier £11.00

('**': These models are just a small selection that will be released in the future.)

(List compiled TJH 16th February, 2003)