The Welton Mini-Ship Show, 1995

Whilst sorting out some papers I came across this poster for the 1995 'Welton Mini-Ship Show' (although we called it a 'meet' in those days). The list of dealers isn't complete - I think we also had Roy Measday, and Mike Costello. The 'Front of House' was probably managed by Barbara Harman and by Frank Brown.

The minesweeper is the 'Ton' class sweeper HMS Wilton (play on words!). Other poster headings that have been used are the Type 61 Aircraft Direction Frigate HMS Lincoln, which has become the logo of the show, the previous HMS Lincoln (WWII 'four-stacker'), and the SAN ship Vrystaat (ex-RN HMS Wrangler - adopted by Lincoln in World War Two). I also had plans to use HMS Barholm - another Lincolnshire location.

Apologies for the rather poor reproduction.