Adrian was a lovely fellow, a television cameraman by profession, and a good one, too. As a freelance sports cameraman he had plenty of time to follow his other hobby of 'super detailed' ship modelling and he sound found himself doing 'commission work' and then going 'commercial'. To the best of my knowledge his models were based on the 'Triton' 1/1200 scale series by Skytrex, and included merchant tugs and barges, floating cranes, etc. The 1992 list (No.2) states that 'All models come with their full complement of aircraft, helicopters, vehicles and penant numbers, and deck codes where applicable'. Also available at this time were packs of rotor blades for 'Sea King', 'Lynx', 'Wasp' and 'Wessex', in both extended and parked states. It was planned to increase the range to include harbour accessories, buildings and cranes. Although pricey they were collectable.

Adrian and his partner Penny supported the first 'Welton' ship shows in the early 1990s. Unfortunately Adrian was to be struck down by cancer and the hobby (and myself) lost a 'good friend' at a comparatively early age. I salute his memory.

The models produced were originally 'straight' productions from 'Skytrex'. Writing this in May 2003, with the '2nd Gulf War' just ended, it is easy to forget that there have been other conflicts in the world and, certainly at the time that Adrian was producing, the 1982 'Falklands War' was still very much in the mind of UK enthusiasts, and it was not unnatural that he should produce a subsidiary range: 'Ships of the Falklands Task Force'.

Adrian's models are very rare - I cannot recall seeing any on the market in recent years. The only one in my collection is HMS Cornwall (Type 22 - Batch 3 Frigate)

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HMS Vanguard Battleship (1946) £79.00
HMS Colossus Light Fleet Carrier £49.95
HMS Ocean Light Fleet Carrier £49.95
HMS Victorious Aircraft Carrier (1966) £105.00
HMS Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier (1977) £119.00
HMS Hermes Aircraft Carrier £105.00
HMS Invincible Aircraft Carrier £95.00
HMS Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier (1991) £95.00
HMS Manchester Stretched Type 42 Destroyer £29.95
HMS Sheffield Type 42 Destroyer £25.95
HMS Birmingham Type 42 Destroyer - Type 965 Radar £25.95
HMS Glasgow Type 42 Destroyer - Post Falklands Model £25.95
HMS Exeter Type 42 Destroyer - Type 1022 Radar £25.95
HMS Newcastle Type 42 Destroyer - Batch I/II - Type 1022 Radar + CIWS £25.95
HMS Bristol Type 82 Destroyer £33.95
HMS Antrim 'County' class Destroyer - 2nd group £33.00
HMS Norfolk Type 23 Frigate £29.95
HMS Boxer Type 22 Frigate £29.95
HMS Cornwall Type 22 Frigate Batch 3 £29.95
HMS Broadsword Type 22 Frigate £25.95
HMS Brilliant Type 22 Frigate £25.95
HMS Brazen Type 22 Frigate £25.95
HMS Alacrity Type 21 Frigate - early model £25.95
HMS Avenger Type 21 Frigate - late model £25.95
HMS Achilles 'Leander' class Frigate - Twin 4.5" gun £25.95
HMS Cleopatra 'Leander' class Frigate - Exocet conversion £25.95
HMS Arethusa 'Leander' class Frigate - Ikara conversion £25.95
HMS Andromeda 'Leander' class Frigate - Sea Wolf conversion £25.95
HMS Ashanti 'Tribal' class Frigate (Type 81) £25.95
HMS Zulu 'Tribal' class Frigate (Type 81) £25.95
HMS Plymouth 'Rothesay' class Frigate (Type 12 Modified) £25.95
HMS Whitby Type 12 Frigate £25.95
HMS Salisbury Type 61 Frigate £25.95
HMS Jaguar Type 41 Frigate £25.95
HMS Leopard Type 41 Frigate £25.95
HMS Hardy Type 14 Frigate £25.95
HMS Rocket Type 15 Frigate £25.95
HMS Troubridge Type 15 - Mod 1 Frigate £25.95
HMS Caesar 'CA' class Fleet Destroyer (1945) £25.95
HMS Cavalier 'CA' class - Modified (1972) £25.95
HMS Terpsichore Type 16 Fast A/S Frigate (1954) £25.95
HMS Fearless Assault Ship £49.95
HMS Intrepid Assault Ship £49.95
RFA Sir Bedivere Landing Ship £39.95
HMS Endurance Antarctic Patrol Vessel £25.95
HMS Hecla Ocean Going Survey Vessel £25.95
HMS Hecla Hospital Carrier (1982 Falklands War) £25.95
HMS Kirkliston 'Ton' class Minehunter £12.95
HMS Waveney 'River' class Minesweeper £12.95
HMS Brecon 'Hunt' class MCMV £12.95
HMS Peacock 'Peacock' class Patrol Vessel £14.95
HMS Lindisfarne 'Island' class Patrol Vessel £14.95
HMS Leeds Castle 'Castle' class Patrol Vessel £16.95
RFA Green Rover Small Fleet Tanker £39.00
RFA Blue Rover Small Fleet Tanker £39.00
RFA Olwen Large Fleet Tanker £49.00
RFA Resource Fleet Replenishment Ship £49.00
RFA Argus Helicopter Training Ship £79.95
RFA Fort Grange Stores Support Ship £49.00
RFA Engadine Helicopter Training Ship £39.95
HMS Abdiel Minelayer £17.95
RFA Tidespring Large Fleet Tanker £49.00
RMAS Roysterer Salvage Tug £9.95
RFA Diligence Forward Repair Ship £39.95
RFA Bayleaf Support Tanker £45.00
RFA Oakleaf Support Tanker £45.00
USS Ticonderoga Guided Missile Cruiser £39.95
USS Virginia Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Cruiser £39.95
USS Kidd Guided Missile Destroyer £39.95
USS Compte de Grasse 'Spruance' class Guided Missile Destroyer £39.95
USS Truxton Nuclear Powered Missile Cruiser £39.95
USS Belknap Guided Missile Cruiser £39.95
USS Knox Frigate £35.00
USS John F Kennedy Aircraft Carrier £139.00
USS Nimitz Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier £145.00
USS Dwight D Eisenhower Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier £145.00
USS Enterprise Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier £150.00


Display Cases (Dimensions in inches)
5 x 2 x 2: £7.95
7 x 2.5 x 3: £8.95
9 x 3 x 4: £10.95
12 x 3 x 5: £15.95
11 x 3 x 9: £17.95
Or made to measure

Ships of the Falklands Task Force

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