A range of individually modelled ships of the Royal Navy Task Force which liberated the Falkland Islands in the Spring and Summer of 1982. The list shown is as taken from Adrian's list, with minor corrections and additions. Purists may note a few errors and omissions. HM Ships 'Apollo', 'Bacchante', 'Brecon', 'Danae', 'Lowestoft' & 'Rhyl' were not directly involved in the fighting, whilst 'Leeds Castle' (OPV), and the 'Ambulance Carriers' (converted Survey Ships) 'Herald' and 'Hydra' were involved but were not modelled. As commented on the previous 'Adrian Nash' page, these models should be considered extremely rare. This list is for reference only.

HMS Active Type 21 Frigate £25.95
HMS Alacrity Type 21 Frigate £25.95
HMS Ambuscade Type 21 Frigate £25.95
HMS Andromeda 'Leander' class Frigate £25.95
HMS Antelope Type 21 Frigate £25.95
HMS Antrim 'County' class Destroyer £33.00
HMS Apollo 'Leander' class Frigate £25.95
HMS Ardent Type 21 Frigate £25.95
HMS Argonaut 'Leander' class Frigate £25.95
HMS Arrow Type 21 Frigate £25.95
HMS Avenger Type 21 Frigate £25.95
HMS Bacchante 'Leander' class Frigate £25.95
HMS Brecon 'Hunt' class Mine Counter Measures Vessel £25.95 (sic)
HMS Brilliant Type 22 Frigate £25.95
HMS Bristol Type 82 Destroyer £35.00
HMS Broadsword Type 22 Frigate £25.95
HMS Cardiff Type 42 Destroyer £25.95
HMS Coventry Type 42 Destroyer £25.95
HMS Danae 'Leander' class Frigate £25.95
HMS Dumbarton Castle 'Castle' class Patrol Vessel £16.95
HMS Endurance Ice Patrol Vessel £25.95
HMS Exeter Type 42 Destroyer £25.95
HMS Glamorgan 'County' class Destroyer £33.00
HMS Glasgow Type 42 Destroyer £25.95
HMS Hecla Survey Ship/ Hospital Carrier £19.95
HMS Lowestoft 'Rothesay' class Frigate (Type 12 Modified) £25.95
HMS Minerva 'Leander' class Frigate £25.95
HMS Intrepid Assault Ship £49.95
HMS Fearless Assault Ship £49.95
HMS (sic) Sir Galahad Landing Ship £39.95
HMS Penelope 'Leander' class Frigate £25.95
HMS Plymouth 'Rothesay' class Frigate (Type 12 Modified) £25.95
HMS Rhyl 'Rothesay' class Frigate (Type 12 Modified) £25.95
HMS Sheffield Type 42 Destroyer £25.95
HMS Yarmouth 'Rothesay' class Frigate (Type 12 Modified) £25.95
HMS Hermes Aircraft Carrier £105.00
HMS Invincible Aircraft Carrier £95.00
HMS Birmingham Type 42 Destroyer £25.95
RFA Bayleaf Support Tanker £45.00
RFA Blue Rover Small Fleet Tanker £39.00
RFA Brambleleaf Support Tanker £39.95
RFA Engadine Helicopter Training Ship £39.95
RFA Fort Austin Stores Support Ship £45.00
RFA Fort Grange Stores Support Ship £49.00
RFA Olna Large Fleet Tanker £49.00
RFA Resource Stores Support Ship £49.00
RFA Regent Stores Support Ship £49.00
RFA Sir Bedivere Landing Ship £39.95
RFA Sir Geraint Landing Ship £39.95
RFA Sir Lancelot Landing Ship £39.95
RFA Sir Percival Landing Ship £39.95
RFA Sir Tristram Landing Ship £39.95
RFA Tidespring Large Fleet Tanker £49.00


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