This is a limited collection of illustrations of ships from the 'Oceanic' 'main' series. Please refer to the list for fuller details.
Illustrations courtesy Martin Brown (MB) & Wifrid Roschwig (WR), to whom Thanks is offered.

Oceanic No 3: RN MMS No 1 (MB)   Oceanic No 6: RN Trawler HMT Celia (MB)
Oceanic No 7: RN Trawler HMT Coll (MB)    
Oceanic No.9 HMS Barlow (MB)   Oceanic No. 11 RN MTB 3 (MB)
Oceanic No.12 RN MGB 77 (MB)   Oceanic No. 13 RN MGB 72 (MB)
Oceanic No. 19 RN MTB 20 (WR)   Oceanic No. 20a RN MTB 696 (WR)
    Oceanic No.31 HMS Cutlass (MB)
Oceanic No.32 HMS Echo (WR)   Oceanic No. 33 RMAS Pintail (WR)
Oceanic No. 36 RMAS Alness (WR)   Oceanic No. 38 HMS Axford (WR)
Oceanic No. 39 HMS Reclaim (WR)   Oceanic No. 48 HMS Alecto (MB)
    Oceanic No. 50 HMS Vindex (MB
Oceanic No.54 Swedish submarine U1 (WR)    
Oceanic No 63 RN MA/SB No 1 (MB)   Oceanic No. 65 HMS Magnet (WR)
Oceanic No.66 HMMS No.1017   Oceanic No. 74 RN Fairmile A ML (WR)
Oceanic No. 75 RN Fairmile B ML (MB)   Oceanic No 76a RN MTB No. 246 (MB)
Oceanic No. 81 RMAS Corgi (WR)    
Oceanic No 82 RMAS Director (WR)   Oceanic No 83 RMAS Alice (WR)
Oceanic No 84 RMAS Daisy (WR)   Oceanic No 85 RMAS Layburn (WR)
Oceanic No 86 RMAS Waterfall (WR)   Oceanic No 87 RMAS Samson (WR)
Oceanic No 88 RMAS Confident (WR)   Oceanic No 89 RMAS Typhoon (WR)
Oceanic No 91 RN MTB 24 (MB)   Oceanic No 92 RN MTB 26 (MB)
Oceanic No.94a RN MTB 523 (MB)   Oceanic No.95 RN MGB312 (MB)
Oceanic No 96 RN MTB 510 (MB)   Oceanic No 97 RN MTB 511 (MB)
Oceanic No 98 RN MTB 307 (MB)    
Oceanic No 122 RMAS Icewhale (WR)   Oceanic No 125 HMS Vidal (WR)
Oceanic No 126 HMS Fawn (WR)   Oceanic No 129 BH 7 Hovercraft (MB)
Oceanic No 141 RN MGB 41 (MB)   Oceanic No 142 RN MTB 98 (MB)
Oceanic No 145 RN MTB 101 (MB)   Oceanic No 146 RN MTB 102 (MB)
Oceanic No 148 HMS Roc (WR)   Oceanic No 151a RItN MAS 204 (MB)
Oceanic No 171 RMAS Thomas Grant (WR)   Oceanic No 179 HMS Hartland Point (WR)
Oceanic No 180 HMS Girdle Ness (WR)    
Oceanic No 206a RMAS Lilah (WR)   Oceanic No 207 RMAS Bee (WR)
Oceanic No 207a RMAS Cicala (WR)   Oceanic No 207b RMAS Scarab (WR)
Oceanic No 208 RFA Reliant (WR)   Oceanic No 209 RFA Retainer(WR)
Oceanic H4 Phoenician Bireme (Melkart) 600 BC (MB)   Oceanic H8 Greek Hepteres 300 BC(MB)

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