(A series of ship models from the 'early days'. Unfortunately I have seen very few of them. A note on the list says that they were supplied without masts or oars. Descriptions are as taken from the list).

Please refer to the main lists for general notes on Mr Skinner's models.

H 1 Egyptian (Rameses) 1200 BC 50p
H 2 Philistine (Goliath) 1200 BC 50p
H 3 Greek Penteconter   50p
H 4 Phoenician Bireme (Melkart) 600 BC 50p
H 5 Greek Trireme (Achilles) 600 BC 50p
H 6 Greek Triere 480 BC 50p
H 7 Cathagenian Quinquereme 350 BC £1.50
H 8 Greek Hepteres 300 BC 75p
H 9 Cathagenian Quinquereme 250 BC 75p
H 10 'The 40' 3rd Cent BC £3.00
H 11 Roman Galley 1st Cent BC 75p
H 12 Roman Dekares 2nd Cent BC £1.00
H 13 Phoenician Bireme 1st Cent BC 50p
H 14 Roman Merchant Ship 1st Cent BC £1.50
H 15 Britannica Bireme 250 AD 50p
H 16 Byzantine Dromon 700 AD £1.00
H 17 Viking Ship 800 AD 50p
H 18 Saxon Ship   75p
H 19 Crusade Ship   50p
H 20 Hansa Cog   50p
The price list also has numbers H 21 - H 25, but with no prices.


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