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What is ‘Photrek’? It is the website for Tim Hudson, a former public librarian
who now provides specialised information and advisory services in a number of fields. Now ‘retired’ after many years as a ‘wage slave’ he is ‘free’ to devote his time to the ‘important’ things in life. Please find time to browse this site, which I hope you find interesting.
A comment has recently been made about my photograph – OK – it was taken in 1990, in the Kulu valley in N India during a very happy & adventurous period of travel, which included my first visit to Ladakh.

These pages reflect my own interests and hobbies, especially many years
of photographic travel in Nepal and India, and an involvement of over 50 years in small scale (1/1200 & 1/1250 scale) model ship collecting (including the long standing & successful ‘Welton Mini-ship Show‘ – now transferred to the nearby village of Faldingworth. (A.K.A as the Lincoln Mini-ship Show).

Narrow gauge railways are an important part of my life and I have worked for over forty years as a volunteer on the narrow gauge ‘Talyllyn Railway’.

Lincolnshire born & bred I am proud to consider myself a true ‘Yellow Belly’. Ancestors came from both the Wolds & the Fens and I now live in the ‘West End’ of Lincoln – an area of the City which the maternal side of the family moved to some 150 years ago – there are a few of us ‘oldtimers’ left. I am a Steward at Lincoln Cathedral.

Greetwell Ironstone Mines

Tim Hudson supports a free & independent Tibet:
International Campaign for Tibet : Tibet Net

‘Talyllyn Railway’  : Narrow Gauge Railway Society ®’.

‘West Gallery Music Association’ : Whitby Folk Week

Society of Miniature Ship Collectors

The Gurkha Welfare Trust

And, of course, the Lincoln Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale

An important place: the English Lake District:
Friends of the Lake District:
Lake District Green Lanes Alliance : Take Back The Tracks

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