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!!! UPDATE!!! I’m pleased to report that, after many delays and tribulations, the long-awaited reissues, by Dave Hampson (DH Models), of the Len Jordan/WMS is underway. The following are available (in a pre-production state) and will be at the Liverpool Ship Show on 23rd September: if you won’t be there please contact Tim Hudson at Convoy Models:

The ‘K’ (Armed Merchantmen) series comprises models of armed passenger liners, freighters and naval auxiliaries from the 1939-1945 period. T’ (Tanker) series comprises a number of UK & US flagged tankers. The majority of ships are UK flagged, but there are a number from other countries.

The models are kits in white resin and are to 1/1200 scale (1″ = 100′) which is the ‘traditional’ UK (‘Imperial’) ‘Ship Recognition Scale’ (rather than the more commonly used 1/1250 scale – for vessels of this size the two are widely regarded as compatible). Construction of the models is simple as the models are mainly ‘one-piece’ mouldings which require little preparation beyond cleaning. The models can then be painted to your satisfaction. I regret I am not able to offer a painting service but I can suggest people who may be able to help.

All models listed on these pages can be obtained directly from Tim Hudson by mail, or at the ‘Ship Shows’ and other events that he visits (or even by calling personally). Prices listed are in GBP Sterling, and exclude a contribution towards postage & packing. Payment may be made by a number of means: Paypal, BACS (or similar), cash, or a personal cheque drawn in GBP on a UK bank. Regrettably I’m not able to accept payment by Credit or Debit Card. Due to increasing delays within the banking system BACS is preferred. This page was last updated on 19th September 2023. Models in stock are marked by a bold (X)

Lincoln Mini- Ship Show 2024



K1   Armed Liberty ship  (with deck load of  locomotives)    USA/ GB (MOWT) – 1944
K2   SS Inventor – (with deck cargo of landing craft)  T & J Harrison – 1942 £10.00 (X)
K3   SS Nailsea Court – (with a deckload of Hudson aircraft)   E R Management – 1941 
K4  Empire Allenby  – ‘Empire Fast’ – (with a deck cargo of motor transport & locomotives).  GB (MOWT) – 1945 
K5  Armed US ‘Victory’ ship VCS-2-AP2 with deck cargo of transport  1944 
K6   RMS Mauretania  Cunard Line – troopship – 1944
K7   SS Empire Day – CAM ship – with Hurricane fighter & deck cargo of  transport   GB (MOWT) – 1942 
K8   HMS  Lamont (Landing Ship Infantry (Large)) 1945   RN (ex – Clan Lamont)
K9   SS City of Durham – with deck cargo of locomotives Ellerman Lines – 1945 
K10 Empire Bombardier, Empire Chapman, Empire Metal – UK WWII Standard tanker with dummy funnel (Formerly  T9) GB (MOWT) – 1942 

K11 HMS Hilary – Landing Ship Headquarters (Large) (Formerly L23)   RN – 1944 
K12  SS Rohna – troopship (Based on L40) British India Line – 1942 
K13  SS Empire Magpie -(US WWI Standard freighter – ‘Hog Island; type – with deck cargo of DUKWS and trucks) (Based on M89)   (GB MOWT – 1944) £10.00 (X)
K14  SS Empire Grace – ‘Empire Fast’ freighter – with a deck cargo of locomotives – later became ‘Wairangi’ (M72)    GB (MOWT) – 1945 
K15  SS Darlington Court – Armed freighter with deck cargo of aircraft – 1941    Court Line – 1941 £10.00 (X)
K16  SS Rapana – Merchant Aircraft Carrier on tanker hull.  Shell -1944
K17 HMS Ranpura Armed Merchant Cruiser  RN – 1943/4
K18 USS Thurston (AP77) USN Trooper (ex ‘SS Del Santos’) Maritime Commission type (C-2F) hull USN – 1943
K19 Oceans, Forts & Parks (Armed Version)   Canadian WWII Standard 
K20 Empire B WWII Standard freighter (Armed Version)    UK WWII Standard  

K21 Parima (Fast freighter- Armed version)  Royal Mail Line – 1944
K22  Brisbane Star  – armed Fast freighter with deck cargo of landing craft – as in Pedestal convoy, 1942   Blue Star Line 
K23 Port Chalmers – armed Fast freighter – as in Pedestal convoy, 1942  Port Line 
K24 Empire Paragon (UK WWII Standard Fast Freighter – Armed version – formerly M11C)    MOWT – 1945
K25 Liberty Ship (US WWII Standard – armed version – formerly M47 –  no deck cargo)
K26 Victory Ship (US WWII Standard – armed version – formerly  …) 
K27 Santa Elisa (US Standard – Type C2-G formerly M78)  1941 
K28 Mobile City – armed version (Formerly M89) 
K29 US T2 WWII Standard tanker (armed) (Formerly T4)
K30 Ohio – armed tanker – as in Pedestal convoy, 1942 (Formerly T6)

K31  Rochester Castle  – armed Fast freighter – as in Pedestal convoy, 1942 Union Castle Line – 1942 
K32  Glenaffric – Armed Freighter – ex Blue Funnel ‘A’ class – 1920. Glen Line – 1942 
K33  Troilus – Armed Freighter  – as in Harpoon convoy to Malta convoy in June 1942 Blue Funnel Line 
K34  Empire Might (Armed Freighter – reefer) MOWT – 1942 £11.00 (X)
K35  Clan Campbell – Armed Freighter, 1943 – with deck cargo of landing craft   Clan Line – 1943 
K36  Empire Hope – WWII ‘Fast  freighter’ (Armed version of M72) 1942 
K37 Umgeni (Armed Passenger/Cargo Liner – 1944) Bullard King – 1938
K38  Athlone Castle (Troopship)  Union Castle Line – 1942 
K39  Stirling Castle (Troopship) Union Castle Line -1941


T1 San Demetrio, San Delfina, San Eliseo, San Ernesto, San Emiliano, Can Calisto, San Cirilo (Eagle Oil  – 1936/39) £10.00 (X)
T3 T2 WWII Standard tanker (unarmed)
T4 T2  WWII Standard tanker (Armed version) US Standard tanker of WWII – 1945 – See K29 above
T5 Ohio, Kentucky Texas Oil Co – 1940
T6 Ohio (As armed for the ‘Pedestal’ convoy – Malta -1942) Texas Oil Co. – see K30 above
T7 London Loyalty, London Integrity London & Overseas Tankers – 1954
T7A Brambleaf, Bayleaf (See T7) Royal Fleet Auxiliary – 1950s onwards
T8 British Commando, British Bombardier, British Guardsman, etc.  (WWII Standard tanker) British Tanker Co. – 1946 (ex – Empire Chapman)


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