Signal Box Diagrams: Lincoln Pelham Street Jct SB 1950-59

Lincoln: Pelham Street Junction 1950-1959

Pelham Street Junction Signal Box had a team of six men to work it at that time. In the signal box was the signalman and a ‘telegraph boy’. Durham Ox level crossing was manually worked and not, we understand, interlocked with the lever frame in the box. There was a senior crossing keeper and three assistants, each responsible for one gate. I understand that, if there was a simple shunting move to be done, for example into the Up Bay platforms, to avoid closing all gates and causing extra delays to traffic, one gate only would be closed. There was apparently a ‘whistle code’ used by the crossing keepers for these moves. Platform 8 and the associated sidings to the East of it were removed in September 1967. The Junction points to the Up & Down Branch were destroyed in the Lincoln rail crash of 3rd June, 1962 and not reinstated. The crossover point 78 (by 70 Down Home) served an engineers siding and also Messrs Robeys & Clarks Crank & Forge private sidings. Sidings to the W of 11 Up Starter served Messrs Ruston & Hornsby.
Pelham Street Junction Signal Box was scheduled for closure wef 00.01 Saturday 19th July, 2008.

Railway Operating Maps & Diagrams: Cover
Plate 1 General Map of Rail Connections with Lincoln
Plate 2 Diagram of Running Lines, Lincoln
Plate 3 Pyewipe West & Pyewipe Junction Yards
Plate 3a Pyewipe West & Pyewipe Junction Yards – as in the 1960s
Plate 4 West Holmes, Boultham & Pyewipe Junctions
Plate 5 Holmes Yards & Goods Depot
Plate 6 Lincoln Motive Power Depot & West Yard
Plate 7 Lincoln Central Station & East Yard
Plate 8 Pelham Street & Sincil Bank Jcts
Plate 9 St Marks LMR Station & Yards
Plate 10 Gradients & Freight Train loadings (to be added)