Phototrekker Presentations: ‘The Pilgrim Way’

‘We are the pilgrims, Master; we shall always go that little further; beyond that last blue mountain, barr’d with snow; across that angry or that glimmering sea’: (James Elroy Flecker: ‘Hassan’)

The opportunity to travel, and to visit strange and exotic places is a great privilege, even in today’s world. When I first visited India & Nepal in 1983 the era of mass world travel, brought on by the three figures ‘747’ was only just dawning and it was natural, I suppose that I should find myself doing ‘slide shows’ for people at work, and other places. Those first ‘shows’ must have been terrible…

As I found myself travelling more and more, and as my photographic skills improved so more opportunities came to put presentations together and to describe the experiences of myself and my travelling companions. A theme developed too: that of ‘pilgrimage’, whatever that means. The original single slide projector gave way to two, but they have been replaced by a single digital one; the small screen is now a big one; the private jokes are still there – if you can spot them. The talks have now evolved into a series of entitled ‘The Pilgrim Way’, in which enable the audience to travel to some of the most beautiful and thought provoking places in the world.

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The presentations available at the moment are:

NEW!   ‘Indian Memories – Travels in India’ 1983 onwards NEW!

(My first visit to India [Rajasthan] in 1983, together with material from the visits to Kulu & Ladakh and Calcutta & Darjeeling – 1983/1990/2005/2006/2009/2011/2012/2014/2017)

NEW! ‘No place for Men – Travels in the
Far North of India’

(Travels to the remote regions of Spiti & Nubra in the Far North of India in 2006 & 2011/2012/ 2014/2017)

‘In the Land of the Gurkhas – Autumn Walks in Untravelled Nepal’

(The story of treks in the Annapurna Himal, along routes which, in 1985 saw very few trekkers, but which are now frequently visited. The presentation includes material from 1985 & 2000, as well as photographs taken in 2007 in the still-remote Lamjung Himal – 1985/2000/2007)

‘What Does the Mountain Care?  – a Trek to Mount Everest’

(The classic trek through the high mountains of the Khumbu region – 1992)

‘The Pilgrim Trail – a Journey in the High Himalayas’

(The walk through the Kali Gandaki gorge to the ancient Nepalese pilgrimage site of Muktinath – 1997)

‘Rhododendrons & Secret Valleys – a Year in Nepal’

(Trekking in the Helambu and Langtang areas of central Nepal in the Spring & Autumn of 1999)

‘A Stranger in Strange Lands – The Annapurna Circuit’

(Walking around Annapurna – One of the World’s Great Walks – Nepal 2001)

‘Sherpas & Snowmen – A Return to Everest’

(A Return to the Mt Everest region in 2003.Trekking in the valleys of the Khumbu [Everest] region and meeting the people, as well as looking for the yeti [‘The Abominable Snowman’]- Nepal 2003)

‘To the End of the World – Kulu, Ladakh & Nubra’

(Adventures in remote parts of Northern India in 1990, together with material from return visits in 2006 & 2014)

‘Relics & Rhododendrons – Calcutta & the Hills’

(A visit to Calcutta & the hills around Darjeeling in the Spring of 2005)

‘In the Shadow of the Condor – Peru & Bolivia’

(A Journey in the Andes including Macchu Picchu & Lake Titicaca’. 1988)

‘Health & Safety Sahib? No Problem, Sahib? …’

(A talk, possibly not for the faint hearted, on the ‘joys’ of travel in India & Nepal 1983- 2011)
These presentations are much in demand throughout Lincolnshire & the East Midlands and are shown to a variety of Groups. Details of many of the treks featured in these presentations can be found on the Trek reports page. If you are a Group Secretary looking for a new speaker, or just a member who thinks that the evening talks could be enlivened with some ‘armchair travel’ please contact me at the address shown at the foot of this page.

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Tim Hudson
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