Lincoln High St (GN) Signal Box Diagram c1960

Lincoln High Street SB diagram c1960. Illustration by Tim Lockley.

Railway Operating Maps & Diagrams: Cover
Plate 1 General Map of Rail Connections with Lincoln
Plate 2 Diagram of Running Lines, Lincoln
Plate 3 Pyewipe West & Pyewipe Junction Yards
Plate 3a Pyewipe West & Pyewipe Junction Yards – as in the 1960s
Plate 4 West Holmes, Boultham & Pyewipe Junctions
Plate 5 Holmes Yards & Goods Depot
Plate 6 Lincoln Motive Power Depot & West Yard
Plate 7 Lincoln Central Station & East Yard
Plate 8 Pelham Street & Sincil Bank Jcts
Plate 9 St Marks LMR Station & Yards
Plate 10 Gradients & Freight Train loadings (to be added)

A number of signal box diagrams are available:
Lincoln Pelham St 1950-59; Lincoln Pelham St at closure (July 2008); Lincoln High St (GN) c1960; Lincoln High St at closure (July 2008); Lincoln East Holmes at closure (July 2008); Lincoln West Holmes Jct c1960; Lincoln West Holmes Jct at closure (July 2008).
An undated diagram for Pyewipe Junction (Courtesy John Saxton)