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Greetwell Ironstone Mines:

illustrations from the 1920s (& earlier?)

© All photographs copyright Mrs Margaret Frith 30/06/2008 ©

Map of site. Current Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 map : Some more  Illustrations :

Illustrations from the BGS

Somewhere in Greetwell Hollow near 'Outer Circle Road'.

The building in the left background is thought to be the 'Bowling Green' Public House which was built before 1932. Tonks' map indicates that this area ceased to be worked by c1926. (According to a plaque over the door the 'Bowlo' was built in 1926. [After a number of years of mis-use the ‘Bowling Green’ was demolished in late Summer 2014]).

Another undated photograph taken at the tipping dock by the old MSLR.

The wagon is of interest: painted up with MLIC markings, and with dumb buffers.

The photograph is thought to have been taken in the mid-1920s but I believe that

the manufacture of dumb buffered wagons ceased in 1889 and that they were banned from the main line after 31st December 1913. Is the wagon an 'internal user'?

Another undated photograph for 'The Family Album'. Possibly the stables in the background, with the offices to the rear.

© All photographs copyright Mrs Margaret Frith 30/06/2008 ©