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our previous programme.

This is an incomplete list of our past 'performances' - be they evensong or 'concert' and is put in just for interest. I've also left in the music that we did - for comparison & 'discussion'. I don't claim that it's 100% accurate but I hope it will stir a few memories. I have left in a number of items which, although not strictly 'quire', might be of interest. These are in italics. 'Pure' rehearsals have been omitted.

(C) TJH & Wolds Apart 27/01/06



11th April,1999: St. Peter's Church, Barnburgh, Doncaster

16th May, 1999: St. John of Beverley, Wressle, Nr Howden

11th July, 1999: Barrow on Humber

10th October,1999: St Helen's Parish Church, Welton (North bank)

12th December, 1999: St Stephen's Church, Newport (Carol service)




9th January, 2000: Weelsby Road Methodist Church, Grimsby

12th March, 2000: St Stephen & St Paul, Tetney, nr Grimsby

14th May, 2000: Saxby All Saints Parish Church, nr S Ferriby

11th June, 2000: St Nicholas Parish Church, Wetwang

10th September, 2000: Hemingby Parish Church, Horncastle: Rehearsal & Evensong

8th October, 2000: St. Mary's Parish Church, Sculcoates, Hull

10th December, 2000: St Stephen's Church, Newport (Carol service)




14th January, 2001: St Stephen's Church, Sculcoates, Hull (Carol service)

11th March 2001: St. Aidan's Parish Church, Cleethorpes

13th May, 2001: Waddingworth Parish Church,Horncastle

10th June, 2001: Workshop with Mike Bailey

8th July, 2001: St. Mary's Parish Church, Hull

30th September, 2001: Eastrington Parish Church, Nr Howden: Rehearsal & Evensong

14th October, 2001: St Peters, Barnburgh, Doncaster Rehearsal & Harvest Festival Evensong

9th December, 2001: 'White Horse', Gilberdyke. Rehearsal & Christmas Carols




10th February, 2002: Howden Minster: Rehearsal & Evensong

14th April, 2002: North Newbold Parish Church: Rehearsal & Evensong

9th June, 2002: :Lockington Parish Church: Rehearsal & Evensong

14th July, 2002: Workshop with Mike Bailey - St Pauls, Sculcoates

13th October, 2002: Ellerker: Rehearsal & Evensong

30th November, 2002: Festival of Village Carols, Grenoside

8th December, 2002: Holy Trinity, Blacktoft: Rehearsal & Christmas Carols




12th January, 2003: St Thomas, Market Rasen: Rehearsal & Christmas Carols

9th February, 2003: St Mark, Anlaby Common: Rehearsal & Evensong

9th March, 2003: Grimsby Parish Church (St James): Rehearsal & Evensong

11th May, 2003: Boynton (Bridlington): Rehearsal & Evensong

8th June, 2003: St Peter & St Paul, Caistor: Rehearsal & Evensong

13th July, 2003: North Cave: Rehearsal & Evensong

26th September, 2003: 'What a Work We Have Before Us': John Wesley & Benjamin Ingham 1735 -1736: A Musical & Dramatic Entertainment. Chapter House, Lincoln Cathedral Readings & Choral items

5th October, 2003: All Saints, Winterton (800th Anniversary of Church): Rehearsal, Workshop & Evensong

14th December, 2003: Levens: Rehearsal & Christmas Carols



11th January, 2004: Brantingham (Brough): Rehearsal & Christmas Carols

14th March, 2004: St Nicholas, Hull: Rehearsal & Evensong

9th May, 2004: West Halton, Scunthorpe: Rehearsal & Evensong

13th June, 2004; Keelby: Rehearsal & Evensong

11th July, 2004: Workshop with Mike Bailey - St Pauls, Sculcoates

10th October, 2004: St Nicholas, Beverley: Rehearsal & Evensong

27th November, 2004: Festival of Village Carols, Grenoside


21st May, 2005: Holy Trinity, Boar Lane, Leeds: Workshop & evensong

12th June, 2005: 'Old' St. Stephen's, Robin Hoods Bay.: Rehearsal (2.30) & Evensong (4.00

9th October, 2005: Withernwick: Rehearsal & Evensong

11th December, 2005: Floral Hall [The Promenade], Hornsea: Rehearsal & Christmas Carols




8th January, 2006: All Saints, Winterton, N Lincs: Rehearsal & Christmas Carols


The 2006 Evensong 'running order' was:

(1) Birmingham

(2) Bridport Responses I

(3) Psalm 23 (Carlisle)

(4) Cantate Domino

(5) Magnificat

(6) Nunc Dimittis (aka Melody)

(7) Bridport Responses II

(8) Winterton

(9) In the hour of my distress

(10) New Jerusalem


12th March, 2006: Great Driffield Parish Church: Rehearsal & Evensong

9th May, 2006: Aske Chapel, Richmond: Rehearsal & Evensong (Not a ’Wolds Apart’ event’)

14th May, 2006; Epworth Church, Lincs: Rehearsal & Evensong

11th June, 2006 'Old' St. Stephen's, Robin Hoods Bay.  Rehearsal (2.30) & Evensong (4.00)

1st July, 2006 (Saturday): 'Church Crawl', York (NB: No other meeting in July)

21st October, 2006: The Quire sang at Anne-Marie's wedding - Congratulations!

12th November, 2006: Newport (Gilberdyke) (North Bank): Rehearsal & Evensong

2nd December, 2006: Festival of Village Carols, Grenoside

The 2006 Christmas 'running order' was:

(1) Awake and join the cheerful choir

(2) Hail happy morn

(3) Arise and hail the joyful day

(4) With raptures abounding

(5) Glad tidings (Hark, hark....)

(6) Christmas Anthem

(7) Lo unto us

(8) Joy to the world

(9) Sweet Christmas bells

(10) Rejoice ye tenants

(11) Hark the herald (Newton/St Paul’s)

10th December, 2006: St Helen's, Kirmington (South Bank); Carols & Christmas Dinner




14th January, 2007: All Saints, Hessle; Rehearsal & Evensong

11th March, 2007: All Saint's, Saxby All Saints; Rehearsal & Evensong (4.30)

10th June, 2007: 'Old' St. Stephen's, Robin Hoods Bay.; Rehearsal (2.00 pm) & Evensong (4.00 pm)

24th June, 2007; St Mary, Barton on Humber : Barton-on-Humber Arts Festival;:Rehearsal (2.00 pm) & Evensong (4.00 pm)

8th July, 2007: St Mary, Fotherby (Louth); Rehearsal (2.30 pm) & Evensong (6.00 pm)

14th October, 2007: St. Alban's, Hull; Rehearsal & Evensong (6.00 pm)

9th December, 2007: All Saint's, Saxby All Saints - CANCELLED - replaced by All Saint's, S Ferriby - CANCELLED replaced by a REHEARSAL IN HULL; Carols & Rehearsal




13th January, 2008: All Saints, Lund (E Yorks) (A big thanks to all those wsho came to the service and to the Light Dragoon at Etton for the meal!); Christmastide Dinner & Carols

9th March, 2008: All Saints, Hessle (15); Rehearsal & Evensong (4.00pm)

11th May, 2008:St. Mary's, Roxby, Nr Winterton, N Lincs (20); Rehearsal & Evensong (6.00pm)

8th June, 2008: 'Old' St. Stephen's, Robin Hoods Bay. (YO22 4PN)(5); Rehearsal & Evensong (4.30pm)

13th July, 2008: All Saint's North Cave (HU15 2GJ) (c80); Rehearsal & Evensong (6.00pm)

14th September, 2008: St Paul's, Sculcoates, Hull (HU2 0DU): Workshop with Paul Guppy (2.00 - 5.00pm - Meet at 1.30)

12th October, 2008: All Saints: Cawood, Selby (YO8 3SN) (c70);Rehearsal & Evensong (6.00pm)

14th December, 2008: St Mary the Virgin, Lowgate, Hull, (HU1 1EJ) (9); Carols




11th January, 2009: St Mary, Barton on Humber (Map) (c35); Carols & Christmastide Dinner

8th February, 2009: St Paul's, Sculcoates, Hull (HU2 0DU): General Meeting & Rehearsal (CANCELLED - WEATHER)

8th March, 2009: St, Peter's, Wintringham (Malton)(YO17 8HX) (Map) (33); Rehearsal & Evensong

19th April, 2009: St Peter's, Barnburgh, Doncaster (DN5 7ET) (c35)(27); Rehearsal & Evensong NB - Note Change of Date

10th May, 2009: St Peter & St Paul, Caistor (LN7 6UG) - CANCELLED replaced by:

St Paul's, Sculcoates, Hull (HU2 0DU) (23): General Meeting & Rehearsal

14th June, 2009: 'Old' St. Stephen's, Robin Hoods Bay. (YO22 4PN) (c30)(25); Rehearsal & Evensong

12th July, 2009: Wallingfen Methodist Chapel, Newport, N Bank (HU15 2RG) (c50)(26) 220th Anniversary of Methodism in Newport (E Yorks) : Rehearsal & Evensong

11th October, 2009: St Helen's, Kirmington (South Bank) (DN39 6YW) (17)(26); Rehearsal & Evensong

13th December, 2009: St James, Sutton, Hull (HU7 4TL)(c70) (27); Rehearsal & Carols - 660th Anniversary year of church


10th January, 2010; St Peter & St Paul, Caistor (LN7 6UG) CANCELLED - WEATHER; Rehearsal & Carols (4.30pm)

11th April, 2010: Scawby, Nr Brigg: Evensong & Rehearsal

9th May, 2010: St Clements, Worlaby, Brigg: Rehearsal & Evensong (6.00pm)

13th June, 2010: 'Old' St. Stephen's, Robin Hoods Bay, (YO22 4PN): Rehearsal & Evensong

11th July, 2010: St Mary Magdalene, Lincoln: Rehearsal & Evensong (6.00pm)

10th October, 2010 All Saints, Winterton  (20)(30) Rehearsal & Evensong (6.00pm)

12th December, 2010 Hessle Methodist  Church, Tower Hill, Hessle, Hull,  HU13 0SP Rehearsal & Carols (4.00pm)


9th January, 2011 Lockington Methodist Chapel (Event to be in Village Hall as chapel is too small) YO25 9SN   Christmas Dinner - Etton 12.00pm; then carols at Lockington.(4.00


13th March, 2011 Blacktoft, Goole Rehearsal & Evensong (4.30)

10th April, 2011 St Stephen’s, Snainton, Pickering YO13 9AF Rehearsal & Evensong (4.30)

8th May, 2011 St John the Baptist, Church Hill, Whitton (S Bank) DN15 9LR (25)(20) Rehearsal & Evensong (4.00

12th June, 2011 Old St Stephen’s, Robin Hood’s Bay YO22 4PN Rehearsal & Evensong

10th July, 2011 Skipwith, Selby  (YO8 5SQ) Rehearsal & Evensong

11th September, 2011 Harpham, Driffield (YO25 4QZ) Rehearsal & Evensong (20) (40)

9th October. 2011 All Saints, Lund - Service 4.30  YO25 9TG Rehearsal & Evensong (23)(20)

11th December, 2011 Cancelled. SEE BELOW Rehearsal & Carols

18th December, 2011. Singing carols as part of event at Kirmington church. (South Bank)  (DN39 6YW)

30th December, 2011. Wolds Apart West Gallery Quire (& Friends) sang at the Funeral of their late Leader - Gordon Corrick. There were in the region of 35 Singers & Musicians & a congregation in excess of 100.


8th January, 2012 Post-Christmas meal at  Skidby (?) - singing @  Skidby (?) afterwards Meal & Carols

11th March, 2012 Brompton by Sawdon,(YO13 9DL) Nr Pickering Rehearsal & Evensong

13th May, 2012 Scotton - South Bank (DN21 3RB) ‘Open Churches’ weekend .Rehearsal & Evensong

10th June, 2012 Bonby - South Bank  (Streetmap) NOTE CHANGE Rehearsal for Sea Sunday & Evensong

8th July, 2012 (Sea Sunday) Robin Hoods Bay - Sea Sunday service (Old St Stephen’s, Robin Hood’s Bay YO22 4PN) Rehearsal & service.

12th August, 2012 All Saint’s, Winterton  Informal ‘Singing afternoon’(2.30-5.00)

13th October, 2012 (Saturday) Workshop with Paul Guppy - St Paul's, Sculcoates, Hull (HU2 0DU) - Open meeting - Please contact committee if you’re interested in attending.

9th December, 2012 Wallingfen Methodist Chapel, Newport, N Bank  (HU15 2RG)  220th Anniversary of Methodism in Newport (E Yorks)   Rehearsal (2.30 pm) & Carols (4.00 pm)


13th January, 2013 St Catherine’s, Leconfield (Pub lunch at the Hayride, Beverley) Pub lunch, Rehearsal & Carols

10th March, 2013 St Matthews,  Hutton Buschel (YO13 9LN) Rehearsal (2.30 pm)& Evensong (4.00 pm)

14th April, 2013 All Saint’s, Gainsborough   (DN21 2JR) CANCELLED - REPLACED BY  A REHEARSAL AT WHITTON.  Bulletin Rehearsal

12th May, 2013 St Andrews,  Paull (HU12 8AX?) Rehearsal & Evensong

9th June, 2013  St Margaret of Antioch,  Waddingworth - Map Ref Rehearsal & Evensong

14th July, 2013 (Sea Sunday) Robin Hoods Bay - Sea Sunday service (Old St Stephen’s, Robin Hood’s Bay YO22 4PN)  Rehearsal & service

11th August. 2013 Informal  sing ... All welcome. Whitton Village Hall Informal  sing - new items?

13th October, 2013 St Andrews, Kirton-in-Lindsey. (Harvest Festival Service) Rehearsal  (3.30pm) & Evensong (6.00pm)

8th December, 2013 Burton Agnes Hall, Driffield, YO25 4NB Carols from 2.30pm until 4.00pm


12th January, 2014 St Mary, Roxby  Carols & Rehearsal (Roxby)

9th February, 2014 Kirmington - Marrowbone & Cleaver Lunch & Rehearsal

(Time: Noon)

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