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'Wolds Apart' West Gallery Quire

'The old songs, yes, the old songs, that gave our fathers joy -- The songs they sang till the welkin rang when Nelson was a boy'.

Bob Copper (1915-2004)

‘Perchance it is not dead, but only sleepeth ...

‘Wolds Apart’ has, reluctantly gone into a state of  ‘suspended animation’ following the retirement of Roger Hateley as Music Director. The webpage is being left up for the moment and amendments will be made shortly. Any enquiries regarding the Quire to the Secretarial  Assistant, Tim Hudson.

"And this shall be for a bond between us: .... that we shall go singing to the fashioning of a new world." William Morris (attrib.)

‘Wolds Apart West Gallery Quire’ (and we eschew the use of the word ‘Choir’) was formed some twenty years ago (in, I understand, a fish restaurant in Whitby) by a group of enthusiasts including the late Gordon Corrick. Our first ‘public appearance’ seems to have been at St Martin’s, Burton Agnes, but the date has not been located (yet!). The Quire is thriving and lively, with a regular 25 or so at rehearsals and 30 plus at services, but is always pleased to accept more singers and instrumentalists wanting to be involved in this exciting Church Folk Music. 'Wolds Apart' originally drew its members from the Wolds of Yorkshire and the Lincolnshire Wolds, separated by the Humber, but now draws members from a wider area: Teeside, Darlington and Whitby in the North, Bradford in the West and Lincoln in the South.

As the regular members of the quire will know, we have established a general pattern of meeting on the second Sunday of the month at 2.30 pm for a rehearsal, or a rehearsal and service, of music in the 'West Gallery' style. When it is a 'rehearsal only' we meet at St Paul's Church, in Sculcoates, Hull (or another location), between 2.30 - 5.00 pm. When we have a 'rehearsal and service' we visit various churches in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The churches that we sing in are generally in the 'Humber Corridor' but we do go further North - Robin Hood's Bay and South - Lincoln Cathedral, and have even penetrated into parts of S Yorkshire.The`Diary of Events' (see below) shows the dates and venues we currently have organised. 2012 saw the introduction of a number of informal ‘singing afternoons’ where members of the quire can try new items and learn new skills. ‘Workshops’ led by ‘leading lights’ in the West Gallery movement take place from time to time. Members of the quire are encouraged to ‘car share’ as much as possible to keep costs down as much as possible.

New members will be guaranteed a warm welcome: if you are interested in singing or playing with us please speak to Tim Hudson , or anyone else named here. Please note that some instruments (particularly 'chordal' ones) may not be 'appropriate' in a Gallery Quire- if you have any queries please contact Roger Hateley. All our music is in the Treble or Bass clef - instrumentalists with transposing instruments may need to do this themselves. We are not a 'costumed' quire and  the word 'choir' is shunned. Members pay an annual subscription of £12.00 to cover the cost of administration & printing, etc. New members are welcome to join us free for two meetings. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to phone us on the following numbers, or send a sae for written enquiries/information, or even send an email. We look forward to meeting you at our next session.

Tim Hudson                

An Introduction to Gallery Music

For general enquiries  please contact::

Tim Hudson (Secretarial Assistant)

To discuss booking 'Wolds Apart' for a Service (or other event):

please contact,  in the first instance, Tim Hudson.

Our ‘preferred’ style of singing is the ‘Church service’

(specifically Evensong  to BCP 1662 format - other types of ‘production’

may cause problems with ‘copyright’).

Rehearsals are held at  several locations on both the North & South Banks of the Humber. In Hull  we have used  St Paul’s, Sculcoates, whilst on the South Bank we can be found at in Halls at nearby Whitton & Kirmington. Rehearsals are between 2.30 (begin singing) and 5.00pm - tea/coffee will be provided. During 2012 we introduced a number of informal ‘singing afternoons’ where members of the quire can try new items and learn new skills.

If the quire is singing Evensong, we will generally meet for a rehearsal at 2.30pm. Traditionally a light tea is provided by the hosting church followed by Evensong at 6.00 or 6.30 pm. (but 4.00pm in winter). Meetings are generally on the 2nd Sunday of each month but the above should not be taken as 'gospel'. Quire members are asked to abide by the copyright laws and not copy any music without permission from the copyright holder.

2014 & 2015 Programme

(Programme details below are as advised. TJH)(Last updated 18/02/2016)

(Details of our previous programme)


13th April, 2014 (Palm Sunday)

St Radegund, Grayingham (DN21 4ET)

Rehearsal & Evensong (6.00pm)

11th May, 2014

Epworth Methodist Chapel (DN9 1EP)

Rehearsal & Evensong (4.00pm)

13th July, 2014 (Sea Sunday)

Robin Hoods Bay - Sea Sunday service (Old St Stephen’s, Robin Hood’s Bay YO22 4PN)  Rehearsal & service

Rehearsal & service

13th September, 2014

Whole-day workshop with Mike Bailey, at West Halton Village Hall  (DN15 9AP) Booking form.

Whole Day Workshop

14th December, 2014

‘Celebrate Christmas with Wolds Apart at Burton Agnes Hall’(YO25 4NB)

‘Concert performance’


11th January, 2015

Carol service: St Paul’s Sculcoates

Ephiphany Carol  Service

8th February, 2015

‘Early Spring’ Dinner & singing. Location TBA

The cupboard is bare ,,,

July, 2015

Roger Hateley retires as Musical Director of the quire

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The Amazing, Stupendous, banjo playing Rev Steve Foster - a stalwart of Wolds Apart - at St Mary's, Whitby during the annual Folk Week Service, 2007.

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