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Convoy Models:

Models in 1/1200 & 1/1250 scale by some other UK manufacturers.

This page provided links into a number of ‘minor’ UK manufacturers whose models

are now out of production:. Examples of the models may appear from time to time in at collectors fairs, on dealers lists or on auction sites.

Please note that these models are not currently in production

and are not likely to be put back into production.

R G Gillow

Owen Howard

Adrian Nash

F G (Gerry) Skinner


R G Gillow

These models were produced in the early 1980s by an English collector,

Mr R Gillow, of Stockton-on-Tees and although I bought a few then,

I thought they were long out of production.

Whilst working on these pages in mid-2006 I spoke to Mr Gillow and the models were, in fact, still available.

Details could be obtained from Mr Gillow in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, UK (I must point out that the prices given are the 1983 prices and I have not - in mid 2010 checked on the availability).

The list as reproduced is pretty much as originally issued in 1983, and contains the original descriptions. Where appropriate I have made a few comments in ITALICS. I do not guarantee that the list is complete. (Please note that this document was compiled in June 2006).

Owen Howard

Owen Howard started to produce his range of 1/1200 scale ship models in the early 1990s, during a spell of unemployment. Having worked very hard to get established and a stock built up he found himself being offered 'regular' employment and decided to move back into more 'conventional' employment. The stock was eventually disposed of, and the models are no longer generally available. The models were all based on Len Jordan hulls, and were nicely finished. I spoke to Mr Howard in February, 2003 and, despite some recent health problems, he was 'hale & hearty', but he was not able to consider putting the models back into production - which is a great pity.

There were two series, listed below and as with others of these lists, the prices are as at time of issue of the original (August, 1992)

Adrian Nash

Adrian was a lovely fellow, a television cameraman by profession, and a good one, too. As a freelance sports cameraman he had plenty of time to follow his other hobby of ' super detailed' ship modelling and he sound found himself doing commission work and then going 'commercial'. To the best of my knowledge his models were based on the 'Triton' 1/1200 scale series by Skytrex, and included merchant tugs and barges, floating cranes, etc. The 1992 list (No.2) stated that 'All models come with their full complement of aircraft, helicopters, vehicles and pennant numbers, and deck codes where applicable'. Also available at this time were packs of rotor blades for 'Sea King', 'Lynx', 'Wasp' and 'Wessex', in both extended and parked states. It was planned to increase the range to include harbour accessories, buildings and cranes. Although pricey they were collectable.

Adrian and his partner Penny supported the first 'Welton' ship shows in the early 1990s. Unfortunately Adrian was to be struck down by cancer and the hobby (and myself) lost a 'good friend' at a comparatively early age. I salute his memory.

The models produced were originally 'straight' productions from 'Skytrex'. Writing this in May 2003, with the '2nd Gulf War' just ended (and looking back in 2010), it is easy to forget that there have been other conflicts in the world and, certainly at the time that Adrian was producing, the 1982 'Falklands War' was still very much in the mind of UK enthusiasts, and it was not unnatural that he should produce a subsidiary range: 'Ships of the Falklands Task Force'.

Adrian's models are very rare - I cannot recall seeing any on the market in recent years. The only one in my collection is HMS Cornwall (Type 22 - Batch 3 Frigate)

F G (Gerry) Skinner


This was, as will be seen from the following lists, an extensive range of 1/1250 scale ship models of many countries and periods, produced by Mr F G Skinner of Torquay, England. Supply could be a little problematical and quality, too, could be variable, but the extensive list contained many lesser known ship classes (Royal Navy enthusiasts will note such 'delicacies' as 'Crystal' [stationary experimental vessel], 'Matapan' [Sonar Trials Vessel], and 'Mermaid' [ex-Ghanaian 'frigate'], as well as the various 'Yard Craft'), and the models were ideal for wargaming or for those who collect the ships of particular navies. Some of the Royal Navy auxiliary types were good, and are still sought after. (An example of these one of these is 'HMS Girdle Ness' - a Guided Missile Trials ship). A number of secondhand RN models appeared in the catalogue of a major supplier a year or two ago and were soon snapped up.

A number of items appeared on eBay in February 2007 and some went for prices that might not have been imagined. Amongst them were HMSs 'Girdle Ness' (180), 'Hartland Point' (179), & 'Vidal' (125), as well as the RFAs 'Reliant' (208) & 'Retainer' (209).

The lists that follow are based on 'List 8', which was issued in (approximately) 1992 or 1993. Readers should note the eclectic numbering system used. Prices are as given; in some cases the price has been crossed out. Where this has happened the 'price box' has been 'greyed out'; if the price is visible it has been given under the grey.

There has been some discussion as to whether or not these models are to 1/1200 or 1/1250 scale. In List No.8, from which the following are abstracted, the scale is shown as '1/1250' - please see the scan

There are a number of sublists and these are given on the following separate pages:

The Main Warship Series

Modern Naval Series

Ferry Series

Historic Series

F G Skinner: Illustrations