Railway Operating Maps and Diagrams Lincoln District : 3a – Pyewipe West & Pyewipe Junction Yards (as in the 1960s)

I’ve recently had the following notes from a former signalman at Pyewipe:
I used to work at Pyewipe many years ago and I found some discrepancies in the track plan.  The notations on the up and down LD&ECR to Skellingthorpe and the up and down GN&GE Joint line to Gainsborough Trent Jct  were incorrectly reversed, and I’ve also added the tracks showing the full layout before the ‘simplification’ in the late 1960s when Pyewipe West was closed.
The signalbox at Boultham Jct was rebuilt in the late 1950s at the north side of the line, within the ‘V’ of the junction.
The train crew relief cabin at Pyewipe was closed from last train Saturday night to 0500 hrs. Monday morning.  The signalman at Pyewipe was paid one hour overtime for locking up the cabin on Saturday night and re-opening it on Monday morning.
The reference to the “Glory ‘ole” was the general instruction from the signalman at Pyewipe West if you offered him a train which he was unable to run immediately. “Shove it in’t glory ‘ole”.   It would then stand in Pyewipe West’s down loop, waiting a path to High Marnham.
I enjoyed working Pyewipe, it could be a brain-teaser at times but what a beautiful spot for all sorts of wildlife.

Railway Operating Maps & Diagrams: Cover
Plate 1 General Map of Rail Connections with Lincoln
Plate 2 Diagram of Running Lines, Lincoln
Plate 3 Pyewipe West & Pyewipe Junction Yards
Plate 3a Pyewipe West & Pyewipe Junction Yards – as in the 1960s
Plate 4 West Holmes, Boultham & Pyewipe Junctions
Plate 5 Holmes Yards & Goods Depot
Plate 6 Lincoln Motive Power Depot & West Yard
Plate 7 Lincoln Central Station & East Yard
Plate 8 Pelham Street & Sincil Bank Jcts
Plate 9 St Marks LMR Station & Yards
Plate 10 Gradients & Freight Train loadings (to be added)

A number of signal box diagrams are available:
Lincoln Pelham St 1950-59; Lincoln Pelham St at closure (July 2008); Lincoln High St (GN) c1960; Lincoln High St at closure (July 2008); Lincoln East Holmes at closure (July 2008); Lincoln West Holmes Jct c1960; Lincoln West Holmes Jct at closure (July 2008).
An undated diagram for Pyewipe Junction (Courtesy John Saxton)